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- Yeah, mining is pointless. The game evolved a completly different way than I assume the CCP devs pla ...2011.04.02 19:32:00
- Edited by: Centri Sixx on 02/04/2011 19:21:38 Some reasons why a formal ransom system wont work. As ...2011.04.02 19:20:00
- Problem is the players are idiots. A lot of times what players want is a lot of shinies and easy fac ...2011.03.30 06:34:00
- Yeah, EVE is a PvP game, so then why can't mining ships at least defend themselves in PvP? Why is th ...2011.03.30 06:23:00
- You should be less pleased about how games like EVE poker are keeping RMT in business. Where do you ...2011.03.29 16:22:00
- You don't get it, the whole point of the null bloc getting elected was to forestall any nerfs to nul ...2011.03.29 16:16:00
- TL DR: Create missions in PvP space that reward players with LP to buy Incarna clothing, hairstyles, ...2011.03.26 19:29:00
- Edited by: Centri Sixx on 26/03/2011 19:12:58 Akita T, we do NOT need to encourage suicide ganking, ...2011.03.26 19:12:00
- I was wondering this too. They need to get it on tranquility fast so people can see and evaluate it, ...2011.03.26 17:21:00
- I'm confused what this will accomplish. Will it be a nerf to hisec missioning due to population, or ...2011.03.26 03:49:00
- Don't take this the wrong way, but looking at your KB, I can see why you'd be frustrated. Loosing ...2011.03.25 06:48:00
- Gamasutra has just published an interview with one of the devs here. Some nice little tidbits from a ...2011.03.24 18:36:00
- The problem is that there is no reason to fight, or risk losing your ship in PvP for most people. Th ...2011.03.24 17:58:00
- Here's a little step-along for you bears1) Decide to run Incursions for fun / ISK 2) Decide to do i ...2011.03.23 18:28:00
- They did mission in PvP fits though, and ones that even require a large enough amount of members to ...2011.03.23 18:09:00

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