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- ...2009.05.06 23:46:00
- If I offered you this charand/or this char how would you feel about that trade?There are quite a few ...2009.05.06 23:37:00
- Edited by: swisher on 06/05/2009 23:57:28 Skills: LinkageI'm taking offers on my character again. I ...2009.05.06 23:00:00
- LoL ! did someone get burnt.I will post a guide on how to avoid getting scammed.Step 1. Read the Co ...2009.04.27 03:41:00
- The problem with these scams that ccp doesn't address is 1) they are beyond the realm of annoying to ...2009.04.26 19:03:00
- /signed for the millionth and a half time.Not a new idea, there's probably a reason ccp hasn't done ...2009.04.26 18:48:00
- Fight here props for linking a virus ridden flash game. if you want to see pew pew, get them in c ...2009.04.26 18:34:00
- I'll bring the exotic dancers and spirits!!!!11!! I hope BYRN will oblige us with a real fleet and ...2009.04.26 02:41:00
- Today they almost brought down a dread and carrier sequentially, I was rather impressed.First our dr ...2009.04.25 22:52:00
- I have all of that except there is a number in the character's name. sorry :( lol. jk.I'm just advi ...2009.04.20 05:19:00
- *swisher starts drooling...That would compliment swisher so much..I might get back to you if i have ...2009.04.20 05:06:00
- There are no characters with no cross training no wasted sp and have above 70 million sp. then ...2009.04.20 04:58:00
- Edited by: swisher on 19/04/2009 06:04:48 editing to be less caldari-oriented.1. Get people out of ...2009.04.19 01:57:00
- Edited by: swisher on 14/04/2009 22:13:27 yeah. this could work. ...2009.04.14 21:52:00

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