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- Edited by: Beringe on 22/05/2007 23:03:04 Wallet status: +1m iskCharacter receiving isk: Viga Skuld ...2007.05.22 22:54:00
- Oh my. Indeed. ...2007.03.09 22:13:00
- ChowBoi > I appologise for you being a dipstickCorrected Ooooh witty! I wish I was as intelligent ...2007.02.14 12:59:00
- Woah! *Great* screen shots! ...2007.02.04 19:12:00
- I love how random people come into these threads and flame us. As an old teacher once said "Smack ...2007.01.28 18:31:00
- 1) The Star Fraction encouraged the the pirate forces known as The Black Rabbits into the Placid a ...2007.01.24 11:07:00
- Because the likes of you have justified your oppression through twisted forms of democracy on the ...2007.01.23 17:58:00
- Would you prefer me to condemn you as a territoralist xenophobe who has fought to claim a part of ...2007.01.23 17:40:00
- You'll need to actually do something.No I don't. You're not doing anything that's going to change t ...2007.01.23 17:36:00
- That isn't you speaking, thats the meme that possesses your mind.I'd like to propose the radical i ...2007.01.23 17:27:00
- Edited by: Beringe on 23/01/2007 16:59:06 To the contrary I would th CYI's ideology conflicts with ...2007.01.23 17:01:00
- Apparently, noone is free except the members of Star Fraction.This is why I don't like revolutionari ...2007.01.12 00:28:00
- The geekiness is strong in this thread. ...2007.01.11 23:09:00
- The risks of investing in a station in lawless space was made clear to the investors.Clearly, this i ...2007.01.09 22:22:00
- You may not realise it but atm ISS is probably the single most hated entity in the game. ISS' out ...2007.01.06 05:06:00

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