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- Couple jumps from obe, 3-4 i think.Amsen is the loc for the 3k+ mega. ...2003.07.18 15:56:00
- If you're looking to buy large amounts, lonetrek seems to have quite a bit, an order out atm for 380 ...2003.07.18 03:32:00
- Check this link before you pursue this: ...2003.07.09 19:57:00
- Hmm, would figure they were cheap enough to keep renewing the auction. Course that's to be expected ...2003.07.09 14:53:00
- What do pirahnas need for production? ...2003.07.09 12:10:00
- Is there a point to these? From what i've seen you can fit two in an m-12, fire them long apart, an ...2003.07.03 21:25:00
- Found 12 open slots at a station here in lonetrek, looks as if a corp cleaned some out or disbanded. ...2003.06.30 16:26:00
- Not sure, but i just ran across 12 open slots in Lonetrek region at a station sittin open. They are ...2003.06.30 03:20:00
- *bump* ...2003.06.29 05:56:00
- Sorry, no copies for sale. ...2003.06.24 21:56:00
- *Bump* ...2003.06.23 16:47:00
- Same thing happened to me with an anti matter med, luckily a copy. Just plain disapeared. ...2003.06.22 23:31:00
- Producing Moa Caldari Cruisers in the north end of Lonetrek.We're selling them for minerals + 2 mill ...2003.06.22 22:48:00
- Was talking on irc the other day with somebody and we were tossing out ideas about transport ships t ...2003.06.17 07:21:00
- Some might be wondering which region you are based in, might want to post that.I think somewhere to ...2003.06.16 05:55:00

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