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- It's almost like we've had this thread before... ...2011.09.06 18:45:00
- c/p'd from the forum-that-shall-not-be-named One of the European Goonion guys "rented" a system in D ...2011.09.04 00:44:00
- its all still working Not really, no. ...2011.09.02 01:36:00
- Hopefully the investigation leads to a swift execution. ...2011.08.31 23:13:00
- My problem is that i have no idea what to do with it, its the most i've ever had. I don't have any c ...2011.08.30 16:35:00
- I did dream once that I flew into a bubble camp in high sec....It wasn't a dream, it was just a grap ...2011.08.28 19:19:00
- IIRC, you'll take a hit for every new act of aggression, i.e. each time you start shooting a module ...2011.08.26 15:31:00
- Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Armor Thermic Hardener I ...2011.08.23 18:29:00
- Best wishes for the funeral celebration. ...2011.08.23 15:23:00
- Best of luck in your initiative, Ms. Fehrnah. ...2011.08.20 06:39:00
- Hard to believe it's been 3 and a half years now since we hung around Gonditsa, Dipluz. Have a bump ...2011.08.16 04:36:00
- Here's to hoping you continue to flagrantly disregard the 'internal' aspect of such discussions in t ...2011.08.13 07:00:00
- Firstly, is there any limit to coverable topics? (Ex. Writing about say proposed future ship designs ...2011.08.02 16:58:00
- Consider taking a look through Seri's guide to everything gallente too ...2011.08.02 16:23:00
- Ishukone-Raata will continue our efforts to defend our allies in the Intaki Liberation Front, all de ...2011.08.01 21:38:00

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