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- hell, if they really are noobs they prob don't have a clone worth ransoming in the first placeAnd is ...2011.09.04 15:00:00
- Remember that even a small time botter still gets the bot by buying a subscription for it form the b ...2011.09.02 23:22:00
- .......snip.....Then a group of players rolls into system, starts with the standard threats, then go ...2011.09.02 23:05:00
- The first is already beaten in game: Bots run anomalies on their own, which require scanning to find ...2011.09.02 21:42:00
- Edited by: Vincent Athena on 02/09/2011 21:08:05 Then there is the question of what the establishme ...2011.09.02 21:07:00
- I think those who pay with PLEX are more invested in the game, not less: It takes much more in-game ...2011.09.02 18:48:00
- What dusters will be fighting for is not clear. If CCP goes for some sort on influence system for so ...2011.09.02 17:37:00
- Edited by: Vincent Athena on 02/09/2011 17:07:19 Is that in fact a CCP site, or one set up by a pla ...2011.09.02 16:55:00
- Looking at the CQ screen I saw this:, if you need itNote the "ui_h ...2011.09.02 16:08:00
- Just tested on Sisi: even if you are loading the station environment, you can swap ships and undock ...2011.09.01 14:33:00
- Patch available on client start, but server still in test mode. ...2011.09.01 14:05:00
- Odd, I do not see the runaway hyper-inflation supposedly being caused by all the ISK being generated ...2011.09.01 13:23:00
- For now, just use strip miner I. Then read. ...2011.08.31 22:40:00
- Not kept data and there is a huge spread, but I would say in our C3 with one harvester it would be a ...2011.08.31 21:17:00
- Arvasaras 20 randomly generated characters, eatch in CNR in 1 man corp with randomly generated nam ...2011.08.31 18:15:00

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