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- I have never seen so much unwarranted whining.Agree! Its a bore to read the forums nowadays, all the ...2011.07.17 07:42:00
- The t20 the moon goo out of nothing being reported and used for 3 years before taking action. The .i ...2011.07.05 05:42:00
- -2 accounts ...2011.07.03 17:46:00
- I'm not afraid of anything. They could sell battleships for a nickel. I'll continue to play until ...2011.06.28 21:14:00
- Oh god this starts to remind me of Jehovas witnesses or Ryanair. Trying to sell the most random stuf ...2011.06.27 22:18:00
- But But we get to walk in station who cares for 8 year old bugs ...2011.06.12 08:56:00
- All things considered this will be a nerf. Might not look like this still now but it will reduce the ...2011.06.12 08:49:00
- Well it seems that after all these years the CCP have finally found a way how to distribute the high ...2011.06.08 19:40:00
- When a frigate is not really used, it's not a big problem, you can train to an other one in less t ...2011.06.08 05:50:00
- Edited by: Scarlet des Loupes on 01/06/2011 22:06:34 how about...high sec should give NO bounties a ...2011.06.02 06:11:00
- how would t2 bpo removal increase datacore price..?? That's easy : no T2 BPOs means more invention ...2011.05.22 11:18:00
- If its so bad why do people primary it rather than all of the "good" ships?Easy kills and/or bad F ...2011.05.20 12:49:00
- Correct me if I'm wrong but did he also not have an alt or 2 boosting him?Dude your face. ...2011.05.13 11:30:00
- The short answer is yes ...2011.05.13 10:53:00
- 1 Orca For newbs there is no point Have the orca in the belt Hulks dump into it One dedicated alt/ha ...2011.05.13 09:32:00

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