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- They cost 80b and take a year to skill for. Battleships dont, get used to it. And yet, this still ha ...2011.08.12 00:04:00
- Drone regions or any place where russian corps are active. ...2011.08.11 23:56:00
- Edited by: Fredfredbug4 on 10/08/2011 20:35:09 The Sansha MomIt is literally a flying piece of poo. ...2011.08.10 20:33:00
- Edited by: Fredfredbug4 on 10/08/2011 20:25:23 On Apple devices (not sure about the others) there i ...2011.08.10 20:25:00
- Who do you think is piloting the ships? Who do you think is buying and selling goods? Who do you t ...2011.08.10 20:22:00
- Hunt T1 frigates. For a better chance of success roam with your corp and get a scout. ...2011.08.09 16:44:00
- Depends, just because bitter vets might not like the future of EVE, doesn't mean new players won't. ...2011.08.09 12:12:00
- Scouting is also very important in WH space (no local!). I'd suggest either something fast like a dr ...2011.08.09 12:00:00
- First the mods actually have to enforce the rules. ...2011.08.09 00:17:00
- I wasn't at one point and it happened anyway. The earlier the better. New players with nothing to lo ...2011.08.08 23:59:00
- People like you are why good memes die and bad ones live on. ...2011.08.08 23:51:00
- I think the servers are fine. The rioters don't even know what CCP is, let alone care about them. Th ...2011.08.08 23:47:00
- This is why titan's shouldn't have AOEA few months after titans were nerfed the trit market collapse ...2011.08.08 23:43:00
- The trit market is already absolutely crap because of botters. In fact the only people who would lik ...2011.08.08 16:40:00
- There is a reason why caps were removed from hi-sec years ago. Stop suggesting ideas that have been ...2011.08.08 16:15:00

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