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- Have another 2c to add here at the risk of divulging too much. Any "bad" behavior that creates a tra ...2011.04.05 02:24:00
- Hmm, I think you can have your cake and eat it too in this and have launch and impact diameter of 14 ...2011.04.03 07:18:00
- It would definitely induce adaptation or demise - one at least two fronts.Economic shifts would caus ...2011.03.31 06:24:00
- It's because I'm white, isn't it? ...2011.02.27 23:44:00
- Just to make an observation, the fact that Eve Gate permits folks to log in with their "actual playi ...2011.02.27 23:41:00
- I have say, one advantage of resolving long-term cloaking which I rarely see stated is that some of ...2011.02.25 03:34:00
- At the risk of being thought of as hunkering under a bridge, this is an initial release and it doesn ...2011.01.20 02:02:00
- I may be wrong (and often am) but as a professional mercenary you should consider the fact that you ...2011.01.12 20:39:00
- Some clarifying points, made clear in possibly every other of these "nerf cloaks" threads:1. Cloakin ...2010.10.04 01:28:00
- Edited by: X Dead on 25/06/2010 04:42:55 One could analogise this to some classes of monetary inves ...2010.06.25 04:41:00
- And here I am unable to get *out* of Jita...Took forever undocking so decided to log off and relog t ...2010.06.06 22:16:00
- Character received... thanks! ...2010.06.03 19:38:00
- *sigh* 1.4b ...2010.06.02 08:21:00
- 1.3b ...2010.06.01 19:24:00

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