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- Last night were mainly a chill night, some had to fix their major Sec hit from saturday and grined ...2011.09.06 12:51:00
- Edited by: Ynot Eyob on 05/09/2011 11:21:24Its been a few days and a few ops since i posted last.Sin ...2011.09.05 11:18:00
- Had to go on a trip this weekend, so havnt been much around. But its nice to know we have so many in ...2011.08.27 08:50:00
- I support the ability to buy out concord to end the long as the aggressor can then offer th ...2011.08.26 12:16:00
- We have just been at war for 9 weeks with one merc corp after the other deccing us, and yes it would ...2011.08.26 11:30:00
- Mail sendt ...2011.08.26 10:53:00
- Last night didnt go as exspected, went to watch a movie and fell asleep. I guess the NPC cant stay u ...2011.08.26 08:33:00
- +7 are in game to. One of my corpmates had one delivered by GM in his hanger by mistake. He filled a ...2011.08.25 12:59:00
- Edited by: Ynot Eyob on 25/08/2011 12:39:49What is the problem with voting for a lock down so they a ...2011.08.25 12:38:00
- Yes a regular scram / Distruptur prevent you from jumping out. ...2011.08.25 12:18:00
- Edited by: Ynot Eyob on 25/08/2011 06:21:02 Yesterday when i logged on only 6000 people were online ...2011.08.25 06:18:00
- Today we went on one of our many low sec roams. It tooks us a while to find a decent fight and im su ...2011.08.24 00:36:00
- Edited by: Prozacxx on 18/08/2011 12:51:35 I got a few loki clipsHalf of the movie is lolkiOne lolk ...2011.08.23 10:34:00
- No they didnt, problally wrong script..I just resonly killed a pod at 236km ...2011.08.23 10:29:00
- Last night we started with 5-6 people grinding some level 4 missions While some had an Ice mining o ...2011.08.23 09:14:00

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