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- I would say, hats off for CCP Fallout and co. Those poor hamsters worked the whole night to fix thi ...2011.05.27 11:21:00
- We don't have eastern eggs, but you're still welcome to join the corp. ;) ...2011.04.25 08:36:00
- We are still looking for fresh meat. ;) ...2011.04.15 20:18:00
- All what they say... Translation: wanted ...2011.03.04 19:13:00
- A new week - a new bump. Still looking for fresh meat! ;) ...2011.02.28 18:50:00
- We are still looking for extra members. Interested? Give a shout in the in-game chat channel INDIC ...2011.02.24 19:53:00
- Very nice post Cresalle! Let the info coming. I want to be prepared/know what we're facing here, be ...2011.01.27 12:24:00
- The ingame INDIC PUB chat channel is still there... ...2010.11.15 12:05:00
- Recruitments are open! Anyone interested in joining us, or additional questions? Please, join the ...2010.11.12 23:37:00
- I welcome this decision of CCP! Good thing they focus on the Excellence, instead of delivering more ...2010.11.12 08:59:00
- Edited by: Eowarian D on 03/11/2010 12:55:05 Actually not said enough in the previous thread... :) ...2010.11.03 12:53:00
- Nice blog, CCP Blaze! Always good to know how the insides of the Eve Client are taken care off, and ...2010.07.08 08:49:00
- I have myself also wondered though often, how come we are visiting only one of the stars in those bi ...2010.02.24 13:18:00
- Also what about a BM timer for Wh bm's. the ability to make BM and while naming it ticks 2hr = ...2009.12.10 11:23:00
- Awesome job, CCP ! An hour before schedule!Congratz on the result! I'm absolutely amazed about the ...2009.12.02 08:33:00

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