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- Thank you.I want to say thanks to the SI folks. I know it is one of the greatest corps around in EVE ...2003.08.14 10:01:00
- Edited by: Molly on 14/08/2003 07:25:22 Biomass is the 8th mineral. Developers said it.By podding y ...2003.08.14 07:24:00
- "don't you mean that combat in 1.0 is forbidden if you're exploiting a bug?"No, I am not.Believe it ...2003.08.14 07:15:00
- Edited by: Molly on 17/08/2003 04:03:21 I have read your post, it is very interesing.Yet you have t ...2003.08.14 05:46:00
- "So am I to read this right that "Fighting is forbidden in 1.0" and you can get banned for doing it? ...2003.08.14 05:39:00
- "this game is just made for pirates only...."This is true. That's why we have only pirates in the ga ...2003.08.14 05:05:00
- It might get you a warning or a ban.I wonder what happens when a mega corp invades a 1.0 hub out of ...2003.08.14 05:00:00
- Edited by: Molly on 14/08/2003 04:16:00 Mythos, you can see the system in the picture I took :-).Bt ...2003.08.14 04:15:00
- Edited by: Molly on 12/08/2003 13:32:47 Remove jump gates. Allow everyone to teleport at any locati ...2003.08.12 13:32:00
- Intruders, what intruded your brain to post such idiotic rumors? ...2003.08.12 13:28:00
- Hehe, quote from one of your members: "probably just our ceo ****ing more people off.... ". ...2003.08.12 04:47:00
- Uh. How dumb.I just invented a reverse IQ scale. -10 is most intelligent, 0.0 is most stupid.Guess w ...2003.08.12 01:56:00
- "Nice going *******. You ruined two players game experince so you could act like a big shot.You coul ...2003.08.11 22:08:00
- Molly announces: M3G4 is on the ****list of many people and smoked just started another whinage abou ...2003.08.11 21:53:00
- It is bull****.RUS are trigger happy cowboys, how can you speak about blowing ships up by error and ...2003.08.11 21:43:00

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