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- the only power i can show you is the one i hide in my pantsWait, does your little brother have his o ...2010.10.25 01:27:00
- knowledge is powerShow me your power, plz. ...2010.10.25 00:01:00
- Edited by: Xylopia on 20/10/2010 06:06:45 Congratz on this rather big move!One thing I'd rather cur ...2010.10.20 06:05:00
- If you ask me, I'd say well over 400m and close to 450m after patch. (Yup, I just pull some number f ...2010.10.14 03:11:00
- re: icons they should just adopt the killboard ones, F for faction etc., not that hard reallyYou kn ...2010.10.14 02:53:00
- Hey, it's my screenshot While you're at it, check this out: ...2010.10.14 02:02:00
- Edited by: Xylopia on 14/10/2010 02:58:44 Where did Torfi announce the PLEX remap once Incursion is ...2010.10.14 00:53:00
- One of the reasons I wanted to do this study was to start testing a theory regarding regions to buy ...2010.10.13 03:04:00
- Edited by: Xylopia on 14/10/2010 00:57:52 The minute Torfi announced plex for remap after Incursion ...2010.10.12 07:34:00
- Someone is trying to do so right now. He seems to want them listed at around 500mil. If you want to ...2010.10.12 04:38:00
- a),b) Do your research. c)That figure of yours seems to match with what I've seen. ...2010.10.12 04:15:00
- I'd rather file a petition to get you banned for impersonation since you are trying to profit from t ...2010.10.12 00:35:00
- Dunno where I picked up. It was a shot taken from CCP devs' office and there were a bunch of memos w ...2010.10.09 01:02:00
- 10 for me. Isk sent.I can look at this everytime I put my chip in. ...2010.10.09 00:52:00
- Book "Memories of EVE before microtransactions" = Sold outI've got one here! Lucky me! ...2010.10.07 14:32:00

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