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- In conclusion: Fly the Navy Scorp. It looks good and has big tank. Everything else is somewhat ...2011.08.26 19:33:00
- Edited by: jjit on 23/08/2011 21:22:26 +1Before you upgrade the NPC API, improve the drone focus fi ...2011.08.23 21:22:00
- If you are flying a Tengu (smaller than BS) in hisec, then my lolsuggestion is .... Orca.You get thr ...2011.08.18 18:20:00
- I have an Minmatar Orca Alt finishing up the leadership skills (MD5 MF5) with a max Charisma / Willp ...2011.08.10 23:58:00
- Is there still an issue with MWD overshoot: ...2010.03.04 18:09:00
- Most mining or refining questions end up with this. Complete Mining 3.0Nice tables on m^3 per hour. ...2010.02.13 20:48:00
- After choosing self-destruct, perhaps 1 out of every 5 to 10 times.. self-destruct does not work. I ...2010.02.08 23:14:00
- What prompted this was some rigs in Jita: at some point there were 3 orders totaling 8 units for 11 ...2010.02.02 18:41:00
- Starting L4 with Raven, My understanding of what I read is to use 2 resistance mods for the primary ...2010.02.01 23:23:00
- You can also do a break even analysis.Compare the reduction in waste of the new versus the old ME le ...2010.02.01 11:51:00
- I assume that most Tier 1-3 ships are purchased off the marketplace and the way capitals are handled ...2010.01.19 07:40:00
- I just use COMMAND-ENTER to toggle full-screen mode. In FSM there is no task or menu bar. ...2010.01.13 15:17:00
- It is a game design issue.The attitude of "you really should join a corp/alliance and no problem if ...2009.12.23 16:54:00
- My Caldari character crys himself to sleep since none of the cool kids in RR and armor-tanking gangs ...2009.12.19 22:29:00
- CCP have said that in the new hardware they acquired it was simply clock speeds they worried about s ...2009.12.19 19:31:00

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