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- Bumping this in light of Zulu's blog, since it perfectly illustrated my point. ...2011.06.24 22:01:00
- All the CCP defender types seem to cling to that as their little bastion of resistance "LOLOLOL DON' ...2011.06.23 05:36:00
- I'm heading for a rather long break from EVE, but I'm not parking my isk here. There's no reason wh ...2011.06.21 02:33:00
- Looking forward to another great machinima installment from John! Clear Skies is one of only two ma ...2011.05.26 03:49:00
- form corp have all alts join same corp. give alts corp wallet permissionspooled wallets already im ...2011.05.10 00:51:00
- If it doesn't work out, i get to brag about how i got ripped off... i missed doing so on T4u, and th ...2011.05.01 21:26:00
- Don't discard someone's input just because they scammed. That doesn't disqualify them from being co ...2011.04.30 23:25:00
- This is interesting. A 1T valuation for this is ludicrous. You have no assets to speak of, nothing ...2011.04.30 20:33:00
- Like I said over a year ago, we need a way to differentiate wormholes from combat sites. For anyone ...2011.04.23 17:41:00
- Vindication! I have to shake my head at the people who insisted that everything was fine, nothing h ...2011.04.12 19:05:00
- Because everyone buys their mins in Jita and sells their ships in Jita. Of course. ...2011.04.11 18:32:00
- Yep. You've got a chance of a hauler, faction, or (assuming it's possible in that system) an office ...2011.04.06 04:00:00
- Investing anymore is similar to playing Russian roulette with a semi-automatic handgun. Extremely h ...2011.03.28 18:50:00
- Look at the markets, find the trends that take more than 3 months. They do tend to cycle. Place your ...2011.03.21 20:10:00
- Cosmo, you were one of the few remaining people on MD that I still had respect for. Hmmm, I wonde ...2011.03.04 01:43:00

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