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- Random post that means nothing and has no bearing on the thread at hand. ...2010.08.18 00:39:00
- can i have your stuff?Cearful you don't lose it to the Goons! :P ...2008.07.01 18:33:00
- THISChuck Norris is the great super hero evahYou win this thread now tbfh! ...2008.06.27 20:55:00
- This thread gets the 'Shivan Seal of Approval!'You may all carry on now. :) ...2008.06.27 20:41:00
- Seeing as no-one is bidding, I'll chuck in a 300 mill bid. :) ...2008.06.27 01:59:00
- green lantern has a ring of wtfpwn everything. My schwartz is stronger than your schwartzI see the ...2008.06.27 01:44:00
- Look Look, you're both wrong.Obviously Spiderman is the bestist!!! ...2008.06.27 01:39:00
- counsel of CEOscounsel of CEOs.consent of the counsel. I didnt read the thread but whatever problem ...2008.06.27 00:54:00
- the only way to stop them is to take away their Stolichnaya and AK-47's - that way we still have a ...2008.06.25 12:50:00
- Anyone else other than me playing it?Also, what race do you use and why? ...2008.06.23 01:22:00
- Nothing to see here, move along.P-L are only running level on Serp Missions atm as we can't afford a ...2008.06.18 11:07:00
- Congrats guys, got found memories of you lot from back in SA.Keep up the good work. :) ...2008.05.31 22:00:00
- Is there any popcorn left? ...2008.04.29 14:46:00
- HEHEFunnies!!! ...2008.04.28 22:19:00

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