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- Also, replacements have been found anyway.To what end, hmm? Other than to sit in the AJ Acquisition ...2011.08.22 20:38:00
- I know how this happened.Just over a week ago, I mentioned seeing an item up for sale, that appeared ...2011.08.22 18:54:00
- blah blah eh, what?Jago Kain was asking for peoples thoughts about the idea of the cameras. That ...2011.08.16 17:24:00
- I'm a bit concerned about how such video evidence would be used in the courtroom, in that:In some ca ...2011.08.15 18:30:00
- I have the standings for 100% refine in the blood raider stations, all done through lvl1 missions. I ...2011.08.15 17:59:00
- congratulations on the longevity of your relationship. ...2011.08.15 17:34:00
- yOU WaNT TO KNOW? oPeN YOUR eYeS.yOU WaNT TO aSK WhaT S KNOW? S KNOW NOThiNg, YeT.yOU WaNT TO WORK W ...2011.08.13 14:54:00
- Isn't the Ethics Committee supposed to handle this sort of thing?And aren't these sort of comments u ...2011.08.13 11:13:00
- Holder machinations! ...2011.08.04 17:04:00
- I open my mailbox as I receive a new message.To my Disgust And Horror, it is Marketing Spam!Behold!T ...2011.07.30 19:50:00
- That request for the Aurora Ominae was mine, for the record. I wish to examine how sleeper technolog ...2011.07.29 13:31:00
- I know a bit about the Takmahl, and Araz constellation, some of the recent wars I have been in have ...2011.07.29 13:08:00
- To expand on this - can baiting in most tutorial arc systems is endemic. No joke, just look at the s ...2011.07.25 18:53:00
- apparently, according to the devblog at beaco ...2011.07.23 18:11:00
- I think you'd need a Caldari to explain things, they'd have the cultural context. ...2011.07.18 18:30:00

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