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- well, something has to be done. new turret icons just lack the crisp, shine and recognition of the o ...2011.09.06 11:42:00
- Wallet ---> orders tab ---> Total value of sell/buy orders at the bottom.Done.OP is asking for total ...2011.09.06 11:29:00
- Yes, it's true. Beyond 150M SP, the clone costs go a bit bonkers. From what I understand, those grad ...2011.09.06 10:12:00
- ... I recognize the concept of ISK sinks in the game, but does getting podded have to hurt the pock ...2011.09.06 07:44:00
- it's possible to have manual control, although not on level of fighter sim. WASD could locally contr ...2011.09.04 15:51:00
- remove perfect recycling. nothing is free, not even from best friends or with thermodynamics 5/5. ...2011.08.20 19:38:00
- on the other hand, Everyday Zone sounds quite like Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries, and Akat Mountains al ...2011.08.11 07:34:00
- cmon wtf you do in mission so that your wrecks are more than 80km away?:) 2op: unless u plan on usi ...2011.08.04 11:05:00
- maybe you already took the job and it expired? COSMOS missions are one-shot only. ...2011.08.01 14:05:00
- name change is great idea, as long as there would be change history and frequency cooldown. ...2011.07.14 06:14:00
- utopia, definitely. where else could you get a functional starship for 15 minutes work? ...2011.07.09 13:57:00
- ... Ask yourself, if you were standing 1-2km away from an oil tanker and moved 30m closer, how much ...2011.07.07 12:56:00
- your skills are fine. corp standing of 6.67 where you recycle will remove facility cut. ...2011.07.06 08:11:00
- x pixel art ftw ...2011.06.30 05:28:00
- maybe Nex item = (T1 item)+(ISK)+(AUR)it would be material, ISK, and money sink. as long as it suppo ...2011.06.29 12:13:00

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