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- Not a bad toon. Here's a friendly bump. ...2011.04.20 00:36:00
- Too bad "open source" says nothing about whether it's any good or not. There's more "open source" cr ...2011.04.15 14:22:00
- I just got a Motorola Atrix. Dual-core battery sucking goodness. There are many reports of a defecti ...2011.04.13 19:12:00
- as miner i see a loooot less bots flying into the belt and warping out when full.. thats orei also m ...2011.04.13 19:06:00
- **** facebookhow do u enter without that?You old people are so funny. Just as funny as old people 10 ...2011.04.06 14:09:00
- You can get an 8gb stick for less than $15 usd. Go buy one. Gees. ...2011.03.25 19:38:00
- 2. At the source of botting is poor game design - activities that can be automatized easily shouldn' ...2011.03.25 19:21:00
- lol you trust a story from msnbc? Turn off the tv. It's rotting your brain. ...2011.03.21 14:14:00
- Unless you have a picture of the moon from 18 years ago to compare against, you won't be able to tel ...2011.03.21 14:09:00
- Shader 3 was first supported on the ATI Radeon R520 (x1300) and GeForce 6xxx series. Unbelievable th ...2011.03.21 13:23:00
- It's not implemented because CCP wants some things to require skill. If you can't figure out how to ...2011.03.20 14:10:00
- Edited by: Yuda Mann on 10/03/2011 16:37:41 missing info on when option is back available.No missin ...2011.03.10 16:35:00
- So yeah, in the end, it is very destructive to the game. As is Shansa incursions. Just more lame on ...2011.03.01 04:39:00
- To illustrate, there're 10 cycles in the graph. Now I add another 10. Since generally bigger cycle n ...2011.01.28 22:33:00
- How exactly do long programs cause less depletion? All I see on the graph when making a program long ...2011.01.28 22:15:00

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