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- i think it's ok to automate multiple clients to duplicate the input from one client. if client A mak ...2010.07.16 17:53:00
- can you use T2 light drones yet? you will need those. ...2010.07.16 17:48:00
- i started playing before you were allowed to remap, and have never bothered to do one. do i fail? ...2010.07.09 02:20:00
- i remember before they introduced drone bandwidth, the myrm was awesome!!!! ...2010.06.30 17:18:00
- what is your planetology skill?if it's not 5, then your scans aren't 100% accurate. that would expla ...2010.06.29 00:08:00
- Edited by: Kahega Amielden on 28/06/2010 21:50:30 If I can only check on them once every couple day ...2010.06.29 00:03:00
- jack of all trades. at first i couldn't do anything really well, but i was able to get a taste of ev ...2010.06.26 05:14:00
- what newbs don't realize is if they allow you to buy skills, all the pilots that you are trying to c ...2010.06.24 21:39:00
- Edited by: jagoff on 11/06/2010 00:48:43 what would population control do?don't trade hubs already ...2010.06.11 00:45:00
- 0.21 meters, a few centimeters, that's still farther away than zero meters. ...2010.06.05 02:11:00
- usually you can only get within 0 M. not usually, always. 0 M is the closest you can get to somethin ...2010.06.05 01:48:00
- we are different races what race you are has no effect on mission rewards at all. ...2009.08.21 02:29:00
- As for 0.0 dewlers that think they know the names - what is the full name of your home system? Not ...2009.08.20 18:13:00
- i am the opposite... i've never been able to use a mouse for FPS. i need the dual-joystick control t ...2009.08.20 16:28:00

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