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- Edited by: Mireille Elrvire on 16/04/2009 17:54:59 The winner of the tournament flew this setup:Kes ...2009.04.16 17:51:00
- Sick... I love it. ...2009.04.14 17:53:00
- Edited by: yani dumyat on 13/04/2009 23:56:27I practiced on a friend who was flying a Punisher and I ...2009.04.14 17:39:00
- I almost cry tears of love and joy every time I see the Nyx.... It's sooooo majestic. As as been sa ...2009.04.13 20:08:00
- Thank you for the helpful and speedy responses. ...2009.03.24 22:10:00
- Im new to all this mess and was just wondering what a good fitting for a Heron might be. I want to ...2009.03.24 18:39:00

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