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- Im trying to base something off an old time, antique style name. Like Circa 1850-1910 ish.Im just n ...2011.08.27 22:04:00
- It is more corret to say that gaming, in general, is gradually changing. People like to play/interac ...2011.08.25 00:12:00
- Clockwork Orange. ...2011.08.19 21:38:00
- Im more worried that most of you people have the right to vote.Dont forget what kind of minority gav ...2011.07.31 19:53:00
- Im more worried that most of you people have the right to vote. ...2011.07.31 04:09:00
- Training for my new "UNICRON" crew checking in! ...2011.07.31 03:53:00
- Those are my thoughts. What are yours? Training one pilot for pvp to protect a small fleet sounds ...2011.07.27 02:29:00
- Or just mine Veldspar, sell the trit, and buy back any of the minerals you are needing.Just saying.. ...2011.07.27 02:05:00
- Runs fine on my macbook pro. ...2011.07.27 02:00:00
- No, I'm serious, I really can't find it!Did CCP remove it or something? Its under gametime... it act ...2011.06.23 02:18:00
- I take it no one here has actually had a job in sales.... ...2011.06.23 00:56:00
- I got the new 20" MBP and I dont have hardly any problems at all. It actually plays better than the ...2011.06.22 00:09:00
- To many minerals come from mission loot to have a serious effect me thinks.M Y T H ! ! Actually it ...2011.06.12 20:40:00
- I thought this post would be about the US loss in the GOLD CUP.Left dissapointed. ...2011.06.12 16:23:00
- ....if you are tricolour blinduse the tables. ...2011.06.12 16:12:00

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