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- 2 cancelled! ...2011.06.25 11:34:00
- CCP - I dont think this is one of those things going away by itself...-3 subs ...2011.06.25 10:39:00
- YES! Thank you <3 ...2011.03.21 15:16:00
- Hi!Started fiddling around some Tengu fits in EFT and this is my fit: Ballistic Control System II ...2011.03.21 14:50:00
- Disconnecting alot here too ...2010.08.16 14:28:00
- Just what I was looking for! Thanks alot :D ...2010.07.21 13:04:00
- I got 15m sp invested in Gallente ships, drones, armortanking and gunnery, but I want to try out the ...2010.07.21 12:18:00
- Thanks alot :) Yeah I could probably do with a BC, so maybe I should fit the Proteus for low/null.. ...2010.06.22 19:43:00
- Fiddled around with EFT and came up with this fit that I wanna give a try. Since this costs a lot of ...2010.06.22 18:48:00
- Thanks guys :) I'll think I go for a prober with drones and rails then :) ...2010.06.11 07:44:00
- *bump*You can't make a Proteus viable with these options? Any other ship that would cover all these ...2010.06.10 19:53:00
- I wanna build myself an exploration Proteus for scanning plexes and other sites. Any of you guys got ...2010.06.10 05:36:00
- When I started playing EVE a few months ago I was able to scan down and finish a couple of plexes ev ...2010.05.08 15:23:00
- Hmm probably not. Will carry different kinds of ammo and try that out then. Thanks for the link :) ...2009.07.12 11:51:00
- Maybe, but they still wouldn't actually do more damage? ...2009.07.12 11:14:00

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