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- Edited by: biggie fluffy on 30/06/2011 16:21:51 Edited by: biggie fluffy on 30/06/2011 16:21:23yout ...2011.06.30 16:21:00
- xtranormal is being rendered now .... I am at work, so not much I can do. ...2011.06.30 16:11:00
- that was really funny, I am going to try and load it in to extranormal. ...2011.06.30 14:52:00
- This week has seen quite a controversy unfold. In almost the same instant as we deployed Incarna - w ...2011.06.24 21:02:00
- I have a mining alt I am sellinghulk level 5, can use all the T2 0.0 ores, it would be like 2 weeks ...2011.05.31 21:53:00
- Okay, .. so whats CCP's direction here....1) Nerf sanctums in 0.0 to lower income and make 0.0 less ...2011.05.25 20:45:00
- I love this idea.! do we need a new ships for this, or just a new module? Maybe jsut a capital mod ...2011.05.02 19:10:00
- th OP issue aside, .. the petion and bug report system is a joke. GM's don't even read the messages, ...2011.04.29 15:20:00
- Edited by: biggie fluffy on 20/04/2011 19:35:52 Hello.One simple request, can we make the "jump clo ...2011.04.20 19:27:00
- Edited by: biggie fluffy on 11/04/2011 20:22:11 CAN someone confirm from another game (ie WOW) shou ...2011.04.11 20:21:00
- I totally agree, there should be some cool things like this in the game.How about a few historical m ...2011.03.18 15:05:00
- I think you guys have the idea..There is a fine line between "total" customization, and "convieance ...2011.03.17 17:50:00
- Can I paraphrase ...."I can't set up my overview settings so I want someone else to do it, and when ...2011.03.17 17:44:00
- it is really interesting seeing a few people that are involved in the production industry comment (l ...2011.03.11 18:19:00
- BOO!!!-100 point to CCP for CHARGING FOR THE HD STREAM! No doubt they are planning this for the alli ...2011.03.10 17:50:00

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