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- Eve has no competition. Even other space games are just cookie cutter MMORPGs with spaceships. Eve i ...2010.05.16 06:06:00
- Although it does seem Mr Reeth is a Republican, considering the post right above yours, at least h ...2010.05.11 05:15:00
- Edited by: Mr Reeth on 11/05/2010 00:43:23 I hate freedom, tax cuts, common sense, and liberty for ...2010.05.11 00:42:00
- Interesting discussions here. I guess I should have been more clear about my facepalm. I honestly th ...2010.05.11 00:33:00
- Lions, Tigers, Bears ...actually just the drone ships. ...2010.05.10 23:36:00
- Do I need to make an argument here or can we all facepalm together? ...2010.05.10 11:07:00
- Sent an ecard. Luckily they have mother's day on the same day in Japan so I had reminders. ...2010.05.09 19:02:00
- Why canít I be a Gallente born in Amarrian space and schooled at the Imperial Academy? In a way ...2010.05.09 11:59:00
- Oh, this video again. I couldn't stand the way this guy talked. There was way too much cursing and d ...2010.05.09 03:35:00
- This is a common dilemma for gamers, especially online gamers like us. Women don't respect the game. ...2010.05.08 18:35:00
- In the beginning character creation mattered in Eve. Every empire had a race specific to fighting, i ...2010.05.08 05:07:00
- Much frustration comes from Eve's player base due a perceived apathy from those in charge. We get wo ...2010.05.08 02:56:00
- I'll wait for the Chewbacca version... whatever a tomtom is. ...2010.05.06 16:19:00
- Been saying they look alike for years... and they all called me crazy. ...2010.05.06 16:14:00
- You play Rifts? ...2010.05.05 20:24:00

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