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- No way is that real. ...2009.10.23 03:09:00
- I'll take it!*runs to phone*Hello, China? I've got something you want - but it's gonna cost ya... y ...2009.02.07 05:10:00
- I love michael caine and this thread. ...2008.12.16 03:47:00
- Mail or convo me ingame and we can chat. ...2008.12.10 23:55:00
- Bump for these guys. ...2008.12.09 15:08:00
- Heya bud, tried to catch you ingame but you weren't on. Whats the best time i can catch you for a ch ...2008.12.09 15:05:00
- Bump for a great bunch of guys. ...2008.12.08 06:22:00
- Edited by: Gaunty on 03/12/2008 04:25:16 We meet all of your requirements Brynja. Our killboard sta ...2008.12.03 04:18:00
- Edited by: Gaunty on 03/12/2008 04:25:37 Heya Elajoy, if your looking for an active 0.0 PvP corp i ...2008.12.03 04:12:00
- Some awesome manlove in exodus. ...2008.12.02 05:37:00
- If ya keep up eve politics you know how much PvP we're currently doing. Other than that i can't say ...2008.11.30 06:30:00
- Hey Sebaca, i've read through your post. I dont wanna copy paste everything there and explain it all ...2008.11.29 17:13:00
- Ah, we are also don't allow piracy. Theres much more important targets to be had for us and no short ...2008.11.29 04:03:00
- Your replies are different than your OP so i'll ask here. Are you only looking for a pirate corp or ...2008.11.29 03:56:00
- Really awesome bunch of guys who know their PvP. Some of the best pilots in the game without doubt. ...2008.11.29 02:35:00

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