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- The reason that CQ will never be optional in the sense most of us want has already been stated. If y ...2011.06.30 19:12:00
- -4What complete arrogance, incompotence, at a loss for words right now.Actions speak louder then our ...2011.06.25 03:02:00
- Three cheers for BizDev! ...2011.06.23 02:38:00
- Turned it off, :raged: at client performance, cancelled accounts (4).Aren't I a trendy hipster. ...2011.06.22 18:14:00
- Back to the top with you! ...2011.06.10 17:14:00
- It means that the current fleet history window doesn't remember pulldown settings and always default ...2011.05.31 03:05:00
- While a GM reply is nice, overall it means nothing. GM's are there to enforce policy, they are not t ...2011.05.25 18:49:00
- Hey guys! We took it out because it seems like a bit of an odd piece of information for the majorit ...2011.05.20 15:59:00
- So can anyone explain why the hell loot log exporting was removed? ...2011.05.20 15:00:00
- Yep, that's the best advice. Cherry-picking is only worthwhile in 0.0 / wormholes with Arkonor / Bis ...2011.05.06 22:14:00
- Manufacture input required 'hoops' should be reduced, with bookmark style production options for thi ...2011.04.19 19:33:00
- One small annoyance, the session change timer for those of us on large resolutions (2560x1600) is in ...2011.04.19 17:44:00
- Bulk compressing really sucks thanks to the horrible manufacturing UI, and they made it even more te ...2010.06.18 18:12:00
- Make it so you have too scan the belts down, and they move every DT during there respawn, could be f ...2010.06.08 04:00:00
- Excellent work with that writeup. It pretty much highlights the problem with the system and how it h ...2010.06.03 01:14:00

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