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- I hope they do, only lvl 1 and 2 should be in 0.1 or higher ...2009.10.06 22:16:00
- They could get rid of all the capital ships in the game for what I care, give everyone a new BS a da ...2009.10.05 18:53:00
- Not sure if this is going to be flamed to death, but all these reactions are very good and I do like ...2009.10.05 18:35:00
- Whats comming will be great for eve, long over due tbh, but better late than newer!I look forward to ...2009.10.03 01:47:00
- Hi Ned o/ ...2009.09.28 23:31:00
- Weekly bump for the US TZ ...2009.09.20 01:24:00
- I assume it is cost, but it would be nice :)failing that I can live with ultra quick upload to youtu ...2009.09.13 01:49:00
- There are other parts of the forum thats better for your suggestions tbh, but here goes...The Mini s ...2009.09.13 01:39:00
- Limited opening for exceptional pilots to join our ranks. For a short time we are going to openly re ...2009.09.13 01:10:00
- Soon (tm)Think about it, It got to come after DUST right or... ...2009.09.12 00:20:00
- It will be interesing to see how many baby Titans are going to burn as a result of this (not being ...2009.09.12 00:01:00
- Are you insane the scorpion ownsThat would be why we see them all the time? Come on at least back it ...2009.09.11 23:00:00
- I will start with twoEOS ScorpionNothing major just a little someting to make the flyable again wou ...2009.09.08 22:52:00
- Fighting at the gate, sounds better than some moon number 57... ...2009.09.08 22:41:00
- The general idea is good, I would much perfer if an alliance could only have 3 friends set to+, but ...2009.09.07 23:41:00

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