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- - Scanner system is broken and shows in many cases just 1 signal instead of 2 when scanning with 3 ...2009.04.26 23:19:00
- CCP usually considers intervention once the price has stabilized. As long as prices are trending d ...2009.04.10 16:34:00
- I'm telling you right now, having SDA's give a range bonus is bad enough but a strength bonus as wel ...2009.04.07 00:26:00
- Yes, please. Bring back my whirling tornado of lighting when I jump into a system. ...2009.04.06 17:48:00
- I think the real obvious trick today was that EA makes games.Zing.It was a worthwhile try, but even ...2009.04.02 01:19:00
- Looks like it could be broken memory in your onbaord graphics memory. Maybe. Or a bug. ...2009.03.26 00:15:00
- Maybe ... but I was under the impression you can't tell how much "size" a wormhole will allow to j ...2009.03.18 16:03:00
- Perhaps, instead of posting on the Forums (where nobody will help you), you could use the system tha ...2009.03.18 15:57:00
- Edited by: Lieutenant Isis on 11/03/2009 01:39:27 I actually paid attention in math so i'll explain ...2009.03.11 01:37:00
- Sounds really cool. Hope CCP can generate a few mission arcs for older players pretty soon! ...2009.02.25 17:15:00
- This is how: me to it! ...2009.02.23 05:45:00
- But what about SP loss? There's essentially nothing you can do. You can decide how many SP to risk, ...2009.02.20 19:33:00
- will only be applied to W-space afaik.I'll take what I can get.Ditto. ...2009.02.19 01:31:00
- You were only agro'd to the kronos. You fired on another ship, concordokken.This tbh. In the first ...2009.02.19 01:28:00
- You haven't done much testing on Sisi before, have you? It's always like this before a major release ...2009.02.16 18:34:00

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