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- Capital and interest received, thank you. Shares returned. ...2011.03.05 19:48:00
- This works surprisingly well. ...2011.02.26 00:28:00
- I tried an e-cig, a joye 510, just recently. It was a complete waste of money, in my opinion.Please, ...2011.02.25 16:46:00
- Yea that's what I thought, there're another couple of billion isks of orders up in Hirtamon now. Sho ...2011.02.23 13:22:00
- Point is, why do people buy those BPOs if they need 50 years to amortize themBecause they can sell t ...2011.02.22 13:20:00
- At no point does that video show he is pointed. No tactical message appeared saying someone has him ...2011.02.22 13:07:00
- So I guess this will be the second time God has ditched us. Thanks for nothing ...2011.02.21 16:50:00
- c) Doesn't TEST allow alt corps? I hadn't considered this so I honestly do not know. If things don't ...2011.02.20 23:38:00
- Edited by: Turzyx on 20/02/2011 21:37:26 Why lowsec when you could just put up a tower in Deklein o ...2011.02.20 21:37:00
- Edited by: Turzyx on 18/02/2011 22:51:46 Have you looked into using station slots for manufacturing ...2011.02.18 19:18:00
- Edited by: Turzyx on 18/02/2011 13:48:14 Edited by: Caldariftw123 on 18/02/2011 13:03:01 Make sure ...2011.02.18 13:46:00
- Hi,I would like to see if there was any potential interest in investing in my corporation.I havenít ...2011.02.18 12:22:00
- It's funny, actually, because I see more carebear tears, whining, insults and teenage angst in this ...2011.02.18 00:27:00
- Still no actual proof of RMT in this thread.Botting sure, show me RMT proof. Maybe this:RMT Uncover ...2011.02.18 00:17:00
- Edited by: Turzyx on 17/02/2011 15:13:34 Edited by: Turzyx on 17/02/2011 13:37:10Thanks for the lin ...2011.02.17 13:34:00

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