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- You know I admit I'm a carebear, and I can cry along with all the others about the changes to level ...2010.07.03 17:57:00
- Hiya, just wondering why the password reset emails aren't getting to my email? I am trying to reviv ...2010.05.10 01:26:00
- Bump ...2009.08.27 08:09:00
- bump ...2009.08.26 18:59:00
- Great bunch of guys. Especially looking for more people lined up with USA, Canada, South America ...2009.08.26 06:38:00
- 2.5 mill sp combat skills pilot in Amarr BC, LF a coorp that has clean chat and does PVE stuff, mayb ...2009.08.17 03:23:00
- For one thing Dream, they would be more available due to the fact that most likely they can be sold ...2003.08.08 12:12:00
- Wait wait.. let me guess....Sansha's drop these?For a band off rag-tag runaway slaves, they sure get ...2003.08.08 12:07:00
- I have no idea if it works or not.. but can you not just put in a purchase order for like 1 isk more ...2003.08.06 17:58:00
- I don't do PvP.. but due to the huge cap usage of lasers.. I'd say nothing short of a superior Amarr ...2003.08.06 17:54:00
- Edited by: Abbet on 05/08/2003 23:14:27 And when people said agents were bugged.. I thought they me ...2003.08.05 23:14:00
- Anyone gotten anything from an agent yet that is worth mentioning? ...2003.08.05 17:02:00
- bump ...2003.08.05 17:01:00
- Still no "known" locations on the higher lvl Blood cruisers huh?Arbs and Augs are the best they got ...2003.08.05 04:58:00
- If you're having problems with this happening.. as I'm sure we all are, then please see my post on " ...2003.08.04 13:35:00

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