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- Learning skills will be closed at the same time as Wormholes. * Trolling removed - Fallout ...2010.07.06 18:22:00
- Edited by: 1Ekrid1 on 06/07/2010 09:14:12 Today is a dark day indeed. It has been confirmed from mu ...2010.07.06 09:13:00
- people usually accuse others of what they're doing themselves.Confirming Amanda had to furiously try ...2010.07.06 07:34:00
- 1 BS with full drones and tackling gear beats 8 newbies in frigates. how is that hard to understand? ...2010.07.06 07:13:00
- WTZ was a bad change, because CCP took out what made the universe big, expansive, and more full of ...2010.07.06 07:05:00
- I think its funny you believe that I'm "furiously" trying anything. I came across it and just pasted ...2010.07.06 06:51:00
- hulkaggedon is an organized griefing that benefits noone, for killing random miners for the lols of ...2010.07.06 06:29:00
- in short, there's a lot of things, like FW, that CCP just flat out ignores, in favor of its new baby ...2010.07.06 06:22:00
- I agree wityh OP.worst endorsement ever.Agreed.Especially coming from the guy who fakes combat logs ...2010.07.06 06:14:00
- What is the point of people that whine and cry about carebears when you cannot leave highsec anyway ...2010.07.06 05:57:00
- its was a CCP plot to make mineral prices go up. anyone else notice how close it was to hulkaggedon? ...2010.07.06 03:21:00
- did I ever say I should win? Im saying instant death is stupid and not balanced. Probably just a wa ...2010.07.06 03:07:00
- you guys just cant understand because you're newbs to the game, additionally tempt not people who ha ...2010.07.06 02:51:00
- I agree wityh OP. ...2010.07.05 23:24:00
- Edited by: Isil Rahsen on 05/07/2010 11:27:45 watch out for lightning strikes. *hint hint* fyi I p ...2010.07.05 11:30:00

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