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- Cheap nano: 5x ham, med neut mwd, scram, web, lse 3x od, 2x nano 1x hydraulic bay rig and 1x roc ...2008.05.06 17:57:00
- This would make it too easy to burn back to a gate in a well tanked ship...That's not the best argum ...2008.05.01 17:36:00
- No range bonus, Pilgrim is a solo close range ship and should stay that way.Back when the Pilgrim ...2008.05.01 15:47:00
- I use a hauler altI suicide gank with altsI produce with alts. Alts ftwSame. It's practically req ...2008.05.01 15:38:00
- There have been many instances where I could've solo'd someone but I held them there so the rest of ...2008.05.01 15:31:00
- The Pilgrim has been turned from best solo recon to worst slowly over time, mostly indirectly via mu ...2008.05.01 03:41:00
- If your ship is faster and also has a web, you can web back and burn away until you're out of range. ...2008.04.30 17:28:00
- Since we're on the topic... what do you do if you want to have different settings on each account?Fo ...2008.04.29 21:47:00
- MWDs are mandatory because of: 1. Webs 2. BubblesTo remove dependence on MWDs you'd first have to ...2008.04.29 21:38:00
- I always thought "griefing" was killing your teammates in a team game. Like if you have friends on ...2008.04.29 21:04:00
- Why should pirates get the shaft? The bears already make way more isk in hisec risk free.TBH just r ...2008.04.29 15:49:00
- Edited by: Kruel on 29/04/2008 15:45:12 Since a couple devs are here I have 1 simple (but important ...2008.04.29 15:45:00
- Been saying this for a long time...Make ABs resistant/immune to webs. Give webs 5km falloff... or n ...2008.04.28 20:14:00
- I've been using this lately...4x MP, heavy nos, drone link aug XLB, SBA, 4x hardeners, heavy inject ...2008.04.28 19:50:00
- Meh, what's the point of all this CSM rubbish anyway... can't we just have an evil dictator? And wa ...2008.04.25 20:28:00

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