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- Used for the first time yesterday. Just logged in to find my ships exactly where I wanted them less ...2011.05.06 18:24:00
- There are a few player starter corps out there that could be right for you. I've been told EVE Uni i ...2011.04.19 12:15:00
- Steps to make missions like they used to be (protected):- Remove ability to probe out missionsSteps ...2010.10.05 16:34:00
- I've been living in wormholes for about 9 months now so my advice comes from experience.If your frie ...2010.09.26 17:07:00
- I will lose these WH's in 1 hour, last call for C5's with C5 statics ...2010.08.06 03:55:00
- I have 2 C5's both with H296 C5 statics.One has no combats currently, but they will spawn and you ha ...2010.08.05 23:03:00
- This is now a RvB recruitment thread.Expected a blank post, left disappointed. ...2010.07.30 14:11:00
- Can I get a sig with "DawnTreader's Alt" in it somewhere, with some noobships and stuff?Thanks.I wil ...2010.07.29 15:53:00
- Edited by: Titus Io on 29/07/2010 15:47:48 Oh wow... C+P has turned into a grave digging convention ...2010.07.29 15:47:00
- Edited by: Titus Io on 29/07/2010 15:42:13 Hey guys, DT here. Just thought I'd let you know that FB ...2010.07.29 15:42:00
- AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!Oh, and AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! In my experience as a professional griefer, people only ...2010.07.29 00:34:00
- Nah, he's not a fool mate. He tends to get into conflicts with people who have too much authority fo ...2010.07.28 23:59:00
- For a tonne of whining about him being a drama queen and attention seeker, maybe we should check out ...2010.07.28 23:40:00
- AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!I absolutely love this thread! Hyperfly, please, keep this up. This is my entertai ...2010.07.28 20:17:00
- NOBODY CARES This.Oh, and hyperfly... Ahem... Ahahahahahaha! ...2010.07.28 20:08:00

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