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- Edited by: Mussaschi on 08/09/2010 09:29:15oh hey, it's september and guess what we are working on ...2010.09.08 09:29:00
- Seriously I don't get your point here. According to the interview that event's will happen all acro ...2010.09.07 14:38:00
- The ship really isn't even that great. Any Indy ship can out haul it. About the only cool thing a ...2010.06.30 13:15:00
- they do appear in high too, but really rare. Not sure they appear in all versions of WC though ...2010.06.30 08:12:00
- Edited by: Mussaschi on 30/06/2010 08:05:16 Basically noThan, there are still l5 agents in deep low ...2010.06.30 08:04:00
- Edited by: Mussaschi on 30/06/2010 06:15:54 It seems that in another blow to mission runners, CCP a ...2010.06.30 06:07:00
- So far I found:a) autopilot routes are not reliable any more. Even safe routes unnecessary cross low ...2010.06.30 04:47:00
- Basically rather simple. The 10 base types do correspond to the 10 ded plex levels * (Faction) ...2010.06.27 20:51:00
- Edited by: Mussaschi on 25/06/2010 06:28:42 CCP all surprised us with some reductions of game play ...2010.06.25 06:23:00
- It did not occur to you that maybe they were doing the L5 and - as expected - would lock down the ...2010.06.21 04:50:00
- well, an lesser corp might have said, oh look, a feature not used that often in other areas is more ...2010.06.13 11:12:00
- What is more intelligent, the ccp cfo or a ccp game designer?Clearly the game designer, since he can ...2010.06.13 11:00:00
- Edited by: Mussaschi on 13/06/2010 06:28:50 Just to be sure, so none of the top guns here thinks, t ...2010.06.13 05:46:00
- It just stroke me, that ccp must have a master plan to kill of any high content in eve:Just have a l ...2010.06.11 19:32:00
- Simply said, a long time lie, becoming more and more true.Eve is a on the way to become a solo pvp g ...2010.06.11 18:47:00

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