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- Edited by: GFLSandman on 18/02/2010 14:18:28 Bump, because it is my turn. Don't get it in your head ...2010.02.18 14:17:00
- 2466 in que and made it to 25 then shot back to 1386 comeon guys just reboot the server.... ...2008.12.13 15:59:00
- well it is about time a solution was found for the market being so screwed up. hell i remember way b ...2008.12.13 15:53:00
- ummm ok that wasnt entirely heloppful. ...2008.11.14 12:41:00
- I still dont totally get the sleeper tech, yang jung and the others... i have the skills and each ar ...2008.11.14 11:31:00
- Confirmed I will be Recirving 5 billion for char TandaraB. I abit if reference "Charlot the Harlot i ...2008.08.09 09:30:00
- ok great.....i figured they could be made at the pos. what assembly array do you use to manufacture ...2008.07.19 22:19:00
- yes, you can manufacture them in a station.module + faction bpc + minerals = faction module the bpcs ...2008.07.19 19:46:00
- 61 ppl have looked and no reply?????????????? does noone know or is it just a stupid question????If ...2008.07.19 09:48:00
- I feel like such a nub asking this, but i was in Iraq when faction pos mod bpc's came out. My questi ...2008.07.19 05:33:00
- Jade....everything sounds great, but i am kinda still waiting on a answer to the question of support ...2008.05.02 14:55:00
- Edited by: GFLSandman on 05/01/2008 18:02:23 101 quality members at that... great can hav ...2008.01.05 18:02:00
- Mia Archer gets the shield boost amp for 50 million. I will mail her with details. thanx for all you ...2006.04.12 22:02:00
- To clairfiy my "It Saddens Me" statement. That statement was made not because I have ever had a conf ...2006.04.12 19:06:00
- It saddens me that Muhammad I'mHardBruceLee has won the AUCTION for Hakim's Modified Stasis Webbifie ...2006.04.12 17:05:00

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