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- id happily go up to 15 jumps for a few mill, it might not seem like much but you can often get sever ...2011.01.20 11:24:00
- Who wants to have to defend themselves all day? people who dont want to get blown up ...2010.09.24 10:38:00
- We are a very long established corp of experianced players who and seen and done it all. Currently b ...2008.03.26 14:28:00
- going up ...2008.02.25 10:26:00
- bump ...2008.02.18 21:43:00
- bump ...2008.02.17 13:45:00
- New to the game? Wondering where to start? Want to know how the hell all this works? Looking fo ...2008.02.16 22:50:00

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