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- I'd like to see seperate subsections in personal wallets in the same way corp wallets are split. I w ...2011.02.13 14:42:00
- Hello Kethas.Getting into industry initially can be hard work. There are certain things you can manu ...2011.02.09 14:23:00
- Thank you again to everyone that has taken the time to post. Itís been very interesting to read ever ...2011.02.07 11:43:00
- Lederstrumpf, thank you for one of the best, most constructive replies I have ever seen on the MD fo ...2011.02.05 12:47:00
- The answer is in the region of 800m. I dont want to do station trading now to become a mega rich sup ...2011.02.05 10:02:00
- Hello everyone,First off, my background. I've been playing for about 18 months, run level 3's and so ...2011.02.05 09:44:00
- My advice is don't just focus on ships. There are lots of cheap ways to get into manufacture - small ...2011.02.03 22:44:00
- I can confirm i have the same problem as Kinkill. Splash then nothing. I downloaded the trial throug ...2010.12.01 22:14:00
- I'd like to make an offer of 31m for the Capital Remote Armour Repairer I assuming the contracts are ...2010.04.24 19:31:00
- Hello XenofurThank you for the tool. I agree with a lot of the posts here, looking at the top of the ...2010.03.30 13:46:00
- Edited by: Lashmar on 15/09/2009 14:42:02 It all depends how you look at it. If you want to be the ...2009.09.15 14:41:00
- Another vote for personal wallet divisions in the same way there are corp wallet divisions. Even if ...2009.09.11 11:47:00
- Hello there Everyone,Been running missions for a while, level 3's/4's, but thought I'd ask you more ...2009.08.13 11:36:00
- would like to reserve another 25 for a total of 50 shares, upon completion of the audit ...2009.08.09 18:58:00
- I'd like to purchase 25 shares please ...2009.08.09 11:23:00

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