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- Bump ...2011.08.21 19:52:00
- We are an Indy/Research/Mining Corp thats looking for an alliance where they don't declare war all t ...2011.08.21 14:48:00
- I have an orca and we have 3 POSes. So if you plan on doing invention and research try joining us. M ...2011.08.21 14:40:00
- Caldari amaar corp looking to join a high sec alliance. please message KingOfKool in game. ...2011.01.22 16:52:00
- We're looking for a few more pilots to help us and our alliance push for sov. We are located in low ...2010.12.13 13:10:00
- reply to me in game we are recruiting pilots with 6.5 mill SP minimum ...2010.12.13 13:01:00
- We are looking for players to help us get better standing with lai dai corporation. We'd like our re ...2010.08.13 02:38:00
- we are a new but friendly corp operating in high security space. we offer a low 2 1/2 % tax rate and ...2010.02.24 10:23:00
- Edited by: Taua Roqa on 20/02/2010 20:26:00 iirc the op runs a noobfarming scam-corp whose members ...2010.02.21 00:30:00
- ...2010.02.21 00:11:00
- photobucket shrinks the photo too much and you can't make out the transaction. ...2010.02.20 23:57:00
- ok if you don't believe me send me your e-mail and i'll send you a snapsot of the payment as i don't ...2010.02.20 23:35:00
- how do you take a screenshot on a mac? ...2010.02.20 23:23:00
- like you cant be mining while i contract something to you. how do youy explain the 280 million that ...2010.02.20 23:03:00
- i sent him 280 million plus a raven plus all kinds of railgun batteries tordedo batteries and cruise ...2010.02.20 22:51:00

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