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- NANOPITAL~ Nano capitals with 3 seconds align.Make it happen CCP :D ...2011.07.06 23:46:00
- Eveonline Incarna: Covert Operations ExpansionIntro: As tensions grow in Eden, covert operations be ...2011.06.17 18:40:00
- So, this thread is about internet space ship and how people often don't fight. I'm posting it here ...2011.05.05 09:27:00
- *shakes fist at old money and their jump ships* ...2010.09.29 18:25:00
- Duo of death? Srsly? *points and laughs* ...2010.09.29 17:01:00
- My character is going to go into a per/wil remap soon, and I'm looking at the following skills and w ...2010.09.28 07:02:00
- I haven't been around enough to be a cap fight expert, but what happens if you just nerf fighter bom ...2010.09.27 03:09:00
- Edited by: Durararagi on 03/09/2010 14:28:37 Ethough the opponent may orbit your domi at 4000m, it ...2010.09.03 14:27:00
- Its just cool having tengus, crows and rokh(!?) in your mission when you are flying a raven... (pro ...2010.08.28 05:50:00
- *throws some time into Evemon*The forums have concluded that CNR's higher dps output makes it superi ...2010.08.18 18:48:00
- So I have enough isk to train and buy capitals so I'm thinking about training up to it even though i ...2010.07.26 07:50:00
- Edited by: Durararagi on 26/07/2010 02:39:10 Well, this is more an attempt to prod easy tricks to m ...2010.07.26 02:36:00
- I feel sad that the ninja seems to tank my mission better than I could That said, missions are more ...2010.07.23 04:35:00
- Well, I've podded myself plenty with help of the nice folks living in curse and great wildlands.Stil ...2010.07.22 01:25:00
- I've been doing some Evemon/EFT planning, and I realized that its gonna take me two years before I'm ...2010.07.21 20:52:00

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