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- Inflation? No problem. CCP can just borrow 4 billion ISK/day from Chinese bot farmers and avoid pa ...2011.04.06 20:16:00
- There are letters in math now? When this this witchery start? ...2011.03.25 18:03:00
- Because of Osiris ...2011.03.25 17:57:00
- I'm at work right now, but I have one at 50/10 I'd be willing to negotiate a price with on. The onl ...2011.03.24 15:30:00
- *snip* afk cloaking. *snip* There was a 2 week period in my 0.0 space where the same dude was "alway ...2011.03.21 21:16:00
- Yes, lowsec sucks. But without a few changes, it'll never happen.As the other thousand threads on t ...2011.03.21 20:17:00
- I got in on the last power of 2 to create a char for the character bazaar that had all learning skil ...2011.03.02 16:53:00
- Don't fix it, make it an adjustable timer so you can set it for 2 hours, leave an "abandoned" ship h ...2011.02.21 20:56:00
- BECAUSE OF FALCON!Er, wait, what were we talking about? ...2011.02.21 19:56:00
- I want to fly it around with a snowball launcher & some new snowballs. ...2010.12.09 16:58:00
- "If you had to ask CCP for a Xmas present what would it be?"X11 (X-Windows) birthday was Sept 15, 19 ...2010.12.07 20:07:00
- I like the idea, but it kinda sucks that multiple accounts with 3 chars per account had to put train ...2010.12.01 20:55:00
- Maybe start power of 2 account then transfer your old character to a slot on the new acct? ...2010.10.15 18:29:00
- Can someone double check to see if the 'ships killed in last hour' is updating for them? I was watc ...2010.10.15 18:17:00
- Yeah, Volu should never be measured in metric.But on a more serious note, maybe it's the only way to ...2010.10.14 20:43:00

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