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- Your stuff, give it to me. ...2007.12.30 20:15:00
- My one real problem with the sound has to do with missile detonations: they're too loud as it is, an ...2007.12.25 23:34:00
- Any idea who actually does the voice for aura? Can't seem to find her name anywhere.Microsoft Sam. ...2007.12.25 04:03:00
- If you want to be "realistic," there's no reason not to use a small battery of lasers in place of a ...2007.12.23 01:03:00
- The missing Amarr frigate. ...2007.12.22 17:53:00
- A free avatar switch. ...2007.12.21 20:50:00
- "Slave rights" is an oxymoron. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either being sarcastic or is an Am ...2007.12.19 07:39:00
- Eve is not real life. Futhermore, it's not nearly as odd as the chirping and buzzing sounds drones ...2007.12.19 07:38:00
- I can't possibly be the only one curious how a slave ejected in garbage became a pod pilot out of no ...2007.12.19 01:02:00
- Certainly, thinking of your crew as expendable cardboard pawns is the quick road to the sort of corr ...2007.12.19 00:09:00
- MW4 is garbage that crapped all over the Mechwarrior franchise.If you really want to play a Mechwarr ...2007.12.15 18:43:00
- Edited by: Gel Kolea on 14/12/2007 05:54:21 Edited by: Gel Kolea on 14/12/2007 05:54:02 I still sa ...2007.12.14 05:53:00
- What doea a hull color matter when lasers will bake it carbon-black, missiles blast it to pieces, an ...2007.12.14 02:37:00
- Your fervor is a bit foolish and, if I might be frank, quite naive.All great alliances fall some day ...2007.12.14 02:32:00
- Edited by: Gel Kolea on 07/12/2007 06:56:24 I wasn't aware I was paying CCP monthly to screw my com ...2007.12.07 06:45:00

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