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- is the new version for incursion out yet? where can i get it (original post says its not been edited ...2010.12.04 12:02:00
- Hey guysis there going to be an update for EFT with the new changes to ships and ammo in todays patc ...2010.11.30 16:39:00
- thanks for being a **** ^^ :) ...2010.09.29 16:18:00
- Just to make this clear for myselfAt the time of this post, Singularity is down; which is why when i ...2010.09.29 16:15:00
- I believe the + on the numpad is considered the "ADD" key.i tried this and the ship didn't move Max ...2010.09.15 15:40:00
- Sorry if this is a silly questionpress escape; and in the shortcut's tab at the bottom there is a co ...2010.09.15 14:04:00
- A second skill we could train which reduced the time between clone jumps? something like 10% per lvl ...2010.09.03 17:18:00
- hey fellasthank you so much for your interest; however i am no longer looking to be recruited.Some o ...2010.08.13 23:34:00
- Edited by: Sp1iff on 12/08/2010 17:23:06 Looking for pvp in fleets between 3-50 pilots. Camping act ...2010.08.12 15:29:00
- ow yer its working, i was asking to see if there is any real performance difference if i ran it the ...2010.07.23 15:08:00
- Hello eve communityI have two accounts and i am currently running them on the same computer; however ...2010.07.23 11:13:00
- It appears that most of the people who posted here missed a big point*. If you do fit a Drake to ube ...2007.05.25 12:07:00
- Yes! the drake tank kicks ass, when fitted right and in the right gang with the correct gang bonuses ...2007.05.25 12:01:00
- so if 'player 1' has say lvl 5 fleet command, every other player in both the squads, includeing the ...2007.04.29 12:47:00
- Ok when you clikc the following link Please note first:All players have Leadership lvl 5, yet their ...2007.04.29 12:08:00

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