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- bump ...2010.06.29 15:08:00
- seller is on vecation he should be back whit in a few days now. im just bumping it for him. gl guy ...2010.06.29 14:53:00
- bump ...2010.06.26 19:41:00
- bump ...2010.06.25 17:13:00
- bump ...2010.06.24 16:33:00
- bump ...2010.06.22 22:08:00
- I think the addition of high sec gate camping adds an interesting spin to the way the FW story is to ...2009.07.04 20:10:00
- nah sombody just love to fly real ships instead of t1 frig or cruiser. and yes we been in caldari ...2009.05.03 21:24:00
- not a bad idea skaxx. if u war a mitia corp it would be good to have the whole militia/alliance good ...2008.10.29 17:23:00
- hi im ex rzr and im really proud to be. thers also manny ex dabbers whos really not proud to ...2008.03.21 20:08:00

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