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- AO, yea i used to be around during Notum Wars era mainly. Went by names of Gravier (MA) Grimneo (E ...2004.12.23 11:40:00
- ahhh Freespace *drools* Great game, wonder if anyones actully thinking of shoving the EvE ships int ...2004.12.23 11:29:00
- Dang, been out of CS for over year an a half now coudl do with playing others out of eve an that. M ...2004.12.16 00:41:00
- Never actully played Homeworld yet always seemd too 'bright' for me, not liek the dark chaos of true ...2004.12.12 18:33:00
- Am lookin for any old players that i might have known before i started been an EvE junkie, i hear fr ...2004.12.11 17:43:00
- The shuttle docked an Kal got out, out into a light breeze carrying itself effortlessy accross the s ...2004.12.06 00:57:00
- not over a 3m one no, though, a 105m, plus 30m in modules one seemed to do the trick for one person ...2004.10.18 12:09:00
- The other nite i had the misfortune of saving some Slavers i found in a can, they were gratful until ...2004.08.20 17:36:00
- Thinking u r immune to podding while been part of a fighting corp is 1 thing... getting podded then ...2004.08.17 19:08:00
- U DONE WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?Jesus this goes over even what i did by turning pirate for a short time, tho ...2004.07.24 11:52:00
- 600k probly jsut cover ur ammo costs heh ...2004.07.24 11:49:00
- Edited by: Kal Cyann on 13/07/2004 22:40:22 At least he is free to do as he wishs rather than what ...2004.07.13 22:39:00
- I put 3 simple words here Russo, what u read inbetween the lines is what u want to see.OOC: was a go ...2004.07.08 07:45:00
- Soon Golan soon... ...2004.07.07 21:27:00
- BURN IT DOWN... ...2004.07.07 21:23:00

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