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- Character now transferred. Enjoy! ...2011.09.03 11:25:00
- Offer accepted. This character is now sold. ...2011.09.02 07:38:00
- Thank you. I'm probably also available online but I would still like all bids to be placed here. May ...2011.09.02 07:24:00
- I'm selling one, have a look a bit lower down on the forum. Link ...2011.09.02 05:52:00
- Nice offer. Keep em coming :) ...2011.09.02 05:47:00
- Edited by: Kage Roo on 02/09/2011 07:38:38Kage RooBasically a Covert Ops Pilot but I've trained him ...2011.09.02 03:39:00
- Now with the nice new forums, how about creating a corporation forum where only the members of that ...2011.09.02 02:46:00
- I'm a bit bummed out by the fact that the Proteus can not field 5 heavy drones where an Ishtar can d ...2011.09.02 02:23:00
- Edited by: Kage Roo on 01/11/2005 04:26:24How I would like EVE to be:You have the ship skills like y ...2005.11.01 04:24:00
- I've seen one of them In Game. ...2005.10.31 12:44:00
- Edited by: Kage Roo on 31/10/2005 12:45:33 Anyone know when or if we'll get to play them? I'm dying ...2005.10.31 12:26:00
- Yes, especially for frigates. They are very much a newbie ship, but as I prefer to pilot them over a ...2005.10.20 08:11:00
- Yeah gotcha. So here's another more scientific and also EVE friendly solution to my idea. Good to di ...2005.10.20 07:58:00
- The skill enhances your agility, but doesn't move you in any evasive patterns. This module, for the ...2005.10.20 07:29:00
- Well the idea would be that the ships moves in evasive patterns thus making tracking harder. ...2005.10.19 09:52:00

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