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- Overdrive Injector System II Overdrive Injector System II Nanofiber Internal Structure II1MN Mic ...2009.02.26 17:57:00
- Also clickable He's well trained. That, is a very nice char, actually. ...2009.02.26 06:04:00
- Unless you're in a BS with a full rack of smart bombs, don't use em. ...2009.02.26 02:05:00
- I know most people in EVE are *HURR HURR IF U DUN PVP UR GHEY LOLOLOLOL HURR HURR* but I I am so p ...2009.02.26 02:02:00
- Short range weapons systems (HAMS) w/ no MWD is a comedy mail waiting to happen tbh. Actually pretty ...2009.02.25 18:20:00
- Which is an obtuse way of saying fit a web? Also, keep the small neut (or anything really), just off ...2009.02.25 15:26:00
- Edited by: Poast Warrior on 25/02/2009 00:08:58Just quoting this so it stays up.Say goodbye to your ...2009.02.25 00:08:00
- annuka skill sheet If the price is right i'll let her go but it aint going to be cheapum, I must ad ...2009.02.23 06:01:00
- Just black ops.Black ops can use regular cynos, however. ...2009.02.22 00:58:00
- It's no biggie, you're just voicing your opinion based on what you've seen.When I see a differing op ...2009.02.20 15:57:00
- The point of a Drake is to die slowly, it's really not a good PVP ship. If you do fit it out to be ...2009.02.20 15:32:00
- u talking medium or light AC's? In all honesty, an ishtar doesn't even need guns fitted. The ones yo ...2009.02.20 14:45:00
- Is it so much better because you do not waste cap on the blasters? Or do you just have that much E ...2009.02.20 01:20:00
- Damage Control II Ballistic Control System II Power Diagnostic System II Power Diagnostic Syste ...2009.02.20 00:44:00
- Truth? And poper Dominix will kill it easily.Of course, otherwise they'd be way OP and we'd have Bla ...2009.02.20 00:12:00

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