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- It is a recent problem... in the last couple weeks... that is logging people off for no readily appa ...2008.02.26 20:44:00
- So when we first created the portraits for our characters in character creation all was set up for d ...2008.01.28 22:43:00
- Ah, yes, thank you. :) Sorry I needed it spelled out for me, but I get it now. Thanks for the help. ...2008.01.10 04:06:00
- No, its because you only have 1 remaining run on the blueprint.Then I'm still confused ... It's the ...2008.01.10 03:59:00
- So the answers y'all are giving me seem to show that my first understanding was correct. Is the reas ...2008.01.10 01:35:00
- Howdy,OK, I have a Worm Blueprint (copy), and in it's info it says that Licensed Production Runs Rem ...2008.01.10 01:18:00
- I seem to be continually having a problem staying logged in here on this forum. I log in, I read a t ...2007.12.21 23:21:00
- They have a humanoid appearance, and look pretty much the same as people except that last 23,000 yea ...2007.12.21 23:15:00
- NPCs have been ordered to cease their attacks on secure containers in space.I think they just wanted ...2007.12.17 17:35:00
- Another thing that would be nice is having a list on my profile of what posts I've made so it's easi ...2007.12.14 21:49:00
- EULA is not law, only fanboy's beleive CCP's EULA will stand up in court. Buying and selling ISK is ...2007.12.14 21:44:00
- I have a couple suggestions regarding the spammers that frequent the channels, and my eve mail box, ...2007.12.14 21:27:00
- I, for one, do not understand how they can claim that their selling ISK isn't illegal. Given that A) ...2007.12.14 21:03:00
- i still could not tell at a glance if my missiles launchers were firing or not...I forgot about that ...2007.12.11 22:18:00
- I've moved back to the classic graphics. I don't know why, but Trinity likes to make my video card ( ...2007.12.11 20:14:00

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