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- So, I've listened to this track multiple times and there was that distinct females voice in a couple ...2011.07.31 14:28:00
- Damian Drayden,171,143,93,84,83,70,47,36,35,8 ...2011.07.30 20:27:00
- Edited by: Damian Drayden on 29/07/2011 23:11:07 I was thinking of doing something just like this, ...2011.07.29 22:26:00
- I think we have a lot to offer a new pilot like yourself. Kings of Kill is a new player pvp trainin ...2011.07.28 21:57:00
- The mighty koks have risen! ...2011.07.28 15:14:00
- I've received a notification of being added as a contact by your CEO. I, along with my FC's will be ...2011.07.28 14:52:00
- Well Kings of Kill is led by FREE Explorer, a corporation filled with veterans like yourself from 20 ...2011.07.28 13:51:00
- Edited by: Damian Drayden on 28/07/2011 13:20:57 I would have to speak to my fleet commanders furth ...2011.07.28 09:10:00
- Kings of Kill is a PvP training corporation set up by FREE Explorer, a veteran corporation from 2003 ...2011.07.28 09:03:00
- I got a laugh at out of them. Keep it up! ...2011.07.28 09:01:00
- I've updated with an article about my observations of a scout's role and tools in roams. I'm hoping ...2011.07.28 04:57:00
- You should really find people to fly with for now and as it was mentioned earlier in the thread, wor ...2011.07.27 21:45:00
- Okay, that's everything I need. Thanks alot.My long-term goal is to get a few solo pvp kill and then ...2011.07.27 21:42:00
- The scorpion for EWAR is an absolute blast, I flew one myself last night. If you're going to PvP, th ...2011.07.27 20:44:00
- I'll be following your blog sir. Looking forward to your next post! ...2011.07.26 22:37:00

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