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- Use the ingame tool of clearing out the cache. I had the same issue as of last patch. ...2011.06.22 19:10:00
- What a lovely warning. Tells you to remember to train some skill. I remember when I forgot to start ...2011.06.22 18:07:00
- Yeah, I'm looking at something in the line of OP. 2 Accounts docked and I'm doing some 1-5 FPS, undo ...2011.06.22 18:02:00
- How about turrets go to "safe-mode" when reloading. You have 10secs to allocate for this. Animations ...2011.06.22 15:43:00
- Could we add a* Animation of changing ship (make a new one active). Hence old ship "sails" of the st ...2011.06.22 15:34:00
- It seems each time each of my toons log on and dock with a station I have an office at, that toon ne ...2011.06.06 17:29:00
- Team BFF deserves cake, why you ask. The BPC/BPO colors - I love it.Make them employees of the month ...2011.05.20 08:18:00
- how do u catch up on timenow say 2 ppl stacking cratesat normal time they can stack 6 cratesbut now ...2011.04.30 10:16:00
- Let me make a cra zy statement here - what if u didnt have to fly 10+ jumps to sell u goods. What if ...2011.03.10 20:38:00
- OMG, this is going to cause a roar. (/me preps flame ******ant suit)We all agree there has been som ...2011.03.10 16:55:00
- +rep ...2011.02.15 16:27:00
- HiHow about taking your toon to the barber, aka - get a new haircut, shave, a new suit, tattoo, pier ...2011.01.23 10:28:00
- You can already fly Supercaps, and their insane skill barrier.So when you've gained that few skills ...2010.11.17 16:30:00
- How about this one - Attempt something that will stretch u abilities.Example Make BoB come back in i ...2010.11.17 16:07:00
- Under topic PI I love how the extractor get a full yellow color when I've successfully updated it.S ...2010.09.30 19:58:00

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